Monday, September 24, 2007

Het is Maandag

Professional writers would suggest, "write like you talk".
Well, I write like I think; unnecessary, a little crazy, not particularly smart and seemingly never-ending.

I slept the entire day on Saturday, it's horrendous! I can't remember if I ever slept for an entire day before. I wasn't really sleepy as I was physically tired, I suppose. I had been out and about since early morning the day before, and had no sleep until around seven when I got a few minutes of shut eye.
Anyway, I found out that I'm easily saddened when I'm tired. Not particularly depressed or anything, just... blue.

It was a very social Friday;
I met up the Beasties for a bit, hung around with Dayat at KL Central, met up with Ana a little after Dayat had left, went to Pavillion and also read some books at the Borders store in Berjaya Times Square, get Dida to pick us up at 10-ish despite that she was with Kak Kole and Kak Freddy, sent Ana back to Damansara, went to Cathay Cineplex and saw Whisper, then back to Kak Freddy's house in KL.
All the while, wearing my new pair of high-heel boots.

I personally feel that the greatest agony -- yet, is breaking in a new pair of heels! Can you comprehend the silliness of anticipating PAIN but you do it anyway because there are just some things that you can't help but be (very) vain about?
hahahhaha! Well, you know what they say; it must look really nice to have hurt as bad. -- Which they ARE! ahhahahha! I had a couple of strangers to prove it.

As Ana had put it on her blog, the outing was pleasant but it wasn't perfect nearing the end (what with me almost falling down the stairs at the monorail station) but heyy, as long as you can still laugh about it; everything's gooood.

Think only of the past as its rememberance gives you pleasure

Jane Austen

I realize on Friday that I don't look good in Mango outfits.. ZARA, H&M and Dorothy Perkins -- ohh yeahh, bring it on! hahahha! Man, ...*finishing this sentence in my thoughts*

I showed Ana the astrology books that I like while we were in Borders. That was fun, getting a laugh at the flattery by some of those books. But we couldn't help being amazed by one of the books that had a pretty good description of me;

Being somewhat silly and odd, you have a liberal mind and a gypsy soul.. Your calling is to see and do things differently even if people don't always understand why.. This differentness is perfectly normal and has been part of the routine seemingly forever. To be honest, you probably wouldn't want it any other way. And here's my favourite part; Love proves highly unconventional for this Archer. You seek partner with brains, beauty and zeal who can share the stage easily.. Until you locate that person, being monogamous probably isn't in the cards for you. hahhahha!!

Basically.. I was born to be FICKLE! hahhahaha! It's awesome to know that I have something else to blame than myself. heehee.

It's been a good Sunday for football. The Magpies won after last week's embarassing defeat and United also won against Chelsea. I wasn't too happy with the referee though. There's just nothing worse than idiotic.. blind referees in a football match, but yeah.. my two favourite teams are the on top 5 of the leader board! I can't help but feel happy for that. (Just for notes, the Chelsea team was staying at the same hotel Nina and I did when we were in Manchester -- I recognized the grounds when I saw it on telly. heehee.)

Oooh! Dida bought me Cecelia Ahern's A Place Called Here the other day. I'm making myself dizzy by changing my read from that to Persuasion by Jane Austen. heehee.
Okay, this is a long enough entry I think.
'Til later.


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