Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thank you, Ma.

For the camera phone you gave me exactly nine months ago. heeheee!

You know, for someone who always finds the time to profess one of C.S. Lewis' slightly melancholic quotes at one's liberty, I seem to have a bunch of friends lying around.

It was unplanned, but I met up with Ana and Bahijah and hung out at One Utama on Wednesday. It was nice! (When have you EVER read that I was bored when I am with my friends, really?)
The two are definitely growing up; with Ana going to her very first job interview earlier in the morning (hope you'll get it, Anaaa!!) while Bahijah going to start working (for experience's worth, as we all would put it) next week.
I am feeling.. so proud of them! ..and slightly behind, but oh well! It's never been a competition to me. (heeheeheee! *inside joke*)

We completely lost track of time and by seven we had to part ways.
My sisters came to pick me up from KL and we headed straight to Seremban with Dida driving like a maniac. The Kiddies are having a fever.. it doesn't suit them.

Now.. it's just under an hour away from the EURO Qualifiers match between England and Russia and I'm REALLY looking forward to it! I miss my football. Hopethey'dwinhopethey'dwinhopethey'dwin, HOPE THEY'D WIN!!!

So you Muslims out there who happens to read my blog.. have a good Ramadhan, yeah?
Now don't go doing things I won't do in daylight! hahhahaha!

Friendship is unnecessary; like Philosophy, like Art.. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that gives value to survival

C.S. Lewis

edited on 5:08 AM.

Sweet.. sweet victory.
I take back all the bad things I've ever said about Owen. Sure, he just waits on the ball but obviously he's excellent at finishing. It was a BRILLIANT match! One of the best I've seen England played, without a doubt! Could've -- SHOULD'VE scored more but I'm pleased.
Fifteen wasn't sent in but it's okay.. I like winning better, I suppose! hahhaha!
Now.. on with the Premier League!! YEAHHH!!


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