Saturday, October 13, 2007

Eid me.

Now, I had only picked up very little of Dutch but Sugar Fest sounds a little sickly sweet for me. Cheery -- but sickly.

First day of Raya... aaaah..
I woke up in the morning and grumpily made myself presentable as the family would make our way back to Bukit Kapar. I haven't been excited about Raya for yeaaarss now. I guess it just wears off as you get older.

It's almost like how people say that suicide rates go up during the holiday season.. but since we're Muslim and Eid is obviously a religious celebration.. people just be depressed quietly. Maybe we'll jump off the roof next month.. y'know, after Syawal is over..
hahhaha! God, I can't even be sure if that was sarcastic or just plain morbid!

But the morning turns out fine. My father is speaking to me again after almost two weeks and a month. HAHHAHAHA! I know that sounds completely awful. I am an AWFUL child to have but I think I have a very intense relationship with my family. No middle grounds; love like crazy.. mad whole heartedly. heehee.
Ah well, no family's perfect. So happens that mine consists of two egotistical headstrongs. hahhaha!

It's always funny seeing the family on Raya. My father's side.. are rather sensitive people. Maybe it's a Javanese thing, I don't know but the whole room seemed to be in tears at one point. I laughed of course. It would make sense if the elders were the only ones crying, but there were people my age -- and even younger with red puffy eyes! It's.. amazing. Amusing.

My dad with puffy eyes after all the relatives had taken turns to ask for forgiveness. heehee

It's still applicable for me to get duit Raya apparently. I think it's embarassing. I don't deserve it but you know that I find all these amusing. I should try and manage the money better this time around.

A bunch of the family couldn't make it unfortunately. Work.. overseas.. other responsabilities.. I look entirely FAT by the way. Maybe I am.

On the eve of Eid, I'd spent it with Dida and Kak Freddy shopping for things that are completely inappropriate to wear on Eid -- unless you feel tube tops and sleeveless are fine!
We also dined at that place San Francisco Steakhouse -- which I would RECOMMEND!! Very good place to eat; good food.. excellent service (which is always a plus PLUS!) and killer drinks.
If you feel particularly adventurous.. take a chance on the Virgin Mary. It's a mocktail, so you shouldn't worry.. There's no alcohol in there.. just a punch.

Now.. I should be off celebrating more of the Eid -- with football!! GO ENGLAND!! hahahha!
*jumps out of the chair and settles comfortably in front of the telly*


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