Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Seventeen.

I was away for the weekend (sort of!) so I'm sorry toots, for not being around to answer your messages sooner.

The family celebrated Izzati's 4th birthday on Saturday -- so we were at Seremban, stuffing our faces with Nina's cooking. I even helped a bit (well, I just blanched the spaghettini seriously) as more people came by; Nina and Abang Min invited a bunch of people!

After that I went along to K.Freddy's place with her and Dida. Had a looong movie marathon that had lasted 'til 8 am! (That's when I dozed off in front of the telly.) Now, if you hadn't seen Mr. Brooks, consider it!! It is such an interesting watch! Disturbing.. yet fascinating!

Did nothing much the entire of Sunday. Mostly I just thought about Seventeen's birthday (note: I don't read Seventeen Magazine -- and I am NOT implying on it on ANY time I've mentioned "Seventeen") and how I missed my football.

Went to Chilli's at Midvalley -- shitty service! *sarcastic cheer!* The only good thing was that it was late and Dida and I weren't bothered by too many people to have a really good conversation.
I have a great sister and I think I am most thankful for that!

We got back just in time to catch the Liverpool and Arsenal match. I just can't stop from laughing. Anyway, then I managed to catch the weekend's football highlights. I'm very happy United won!! Miffed that Newcastle lost. sigh. You really can't win EVERTHING.


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