Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I have a thought..

so suddenly..
how all the answers in the world couldn't make me any happier.

Being the pain in the ass that I am (and even worse to myself!), I always find my answers anyway. It's the curse of logical thinking actually! You should see the IQ tests I've done -- I'm not exactly stupid!

Some days I wish I was. (Lie lie!!)
Well, things would SEEM easier if you think less, don't you agree?

Maybe we are meant to never be satisfied. It's God's sick trick so we'd work harder.. try harder.. pray harder.. so we can achieve something BETTER than what's in front of us.
Improvement is always good, right?
Maybe it's only me who thinks this way. Or at least have thought of this. You would probably think about it after reading this.

It's sad when your basic reasonings blames you for everything wrong that has ever happened in your life. I for one can't possibly mess up my own head myself. I just hope that one day I could figure out what had triggered it all. It'd be interesting! (I should stop thinking that EVERYTHING is a learning experience! hahhaha!)

You've probably heard it.. or you probably don't, how they say.. "Semua yang baik datangnya dari Tuhan, dan yang buruk adalah kelemahan saya sendiri" ("All the good things had come from God, and the bad things are from my own weaknesses")
Not a very good thing to say.

Damn, I'm too philosophical for religion!


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