Thursday, October 25, 2007

I think I just wrote my suicide note.

Crazy, right?
Not really.

It didn't start off as a suicide note but as I reread it.. it could've been! Except of course, for the fact that I wrote some sort of a promise in there and I would assume that people who is determined to off themselves would not write out a promise; when they don't intend to be present in the future.
(Well, except maybe if they promises to come back to haunt somebody!)

I still have my sense of humour, it seems.
I am still lightheaded. Now, this is the part where I feel a bit hypochondriac. I mean, feeling lightheaded for an entire day can't mean good.

I'll go get some sleep now.. while hoping that the letter I had sent.. and will send later today would be received calmly by the receiver.
Honesty isn't entirely good -- even I know that, but I must must MUST write it out.


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