Sunday, October 14, 2007

Top 5 reasons to Jump Off The Roof By The 4th Day of Raya

5. Having my mom's cousins telling me that I made a big mistake leaving college.
4. The thought of reuniting with 3D modelling.
3. Getting lectured how experience is IMPORTANT and that degrees/certificates doesn't promise anyone excellence in their jobs.
2. Being spoken to like I haven't had a single reasonable thought in my mind.
1. Get all heated up yet unable to voice out my feelings and thoughts.. because well, you're not supposed to make a scene in the presence of the relatives that you only see once a year.

I'm not saying that I can't be lectured -- ever, but I am naturally morbid.. border line depressed. My rebellious streak is only a facade to make me look strong. That's the truth. (Well, it could be!) I honestly prefer getting my head blown up than listening to people telling me things that I already know.

Okay, it's not necessary for me to sound that suicidal by the way. So if you're actually worried about me, you could call this list; 5 Reasons to Leave The Country and Not Bothering Coming Home On Raya. heh!


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