Friday, November 02, 2007

Balek balek muke niee juge

I'm irritating like that. ahhahahah! Aaanyway--

I can honestly say that I LOVE my friends. Indubitably.

From left: Ana, me, Bahijah, Ilsa

Really... all those shitty periods of having shitty friends had seemed all worth it -- it allows me to appreciate the good from the.. well.. shite.
So thank you thank you thank yooouuu for being around. (Also, thank You God for always taking care of me so.)

Ana and Bahijah were talking about James Blunt on Wednesday, saying that he's one of the artists that's coming for the Live & Loud KL. One time, Ana mistakenly said "James Morrison" and of course, automatically I shouted in hysterics that she shouldn't joke about that.
Later that night I heard a familiar song playing for the background of the Live & Loud ad on telly, so I went straight to check the website and guess what.. It was James Morrison that's coming for the show.. NOT James Blunt!

*Hysterical* I need a ticket! I want the ticket!! But damn, it's expensive!!!! And I thought I won't ever be miffed about material things but apparently, in this case, I am. I want to see James Morrison!! I'm starting to think of things I could sell....

Sorry that I've been spamming my own blog for the past few days. It should go back to "normal" now..


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