Saturday, November 17, 2007


Maybe God doesn't want me dead.. yet.
Which I find incredible.
I believe that God only tests you with things that you could handle; time and time again I feel that I am too weak for them but always, for every moment I had spent sprawled on the ground in my own pool of tears and snot, He finds a way to bring me back up again.
I'm not saying that I'm not thankful for it. I am.. so grateful with everything that is left of me, but I cannot BE on this roller coaster forever.
The fact that I'm still breathing isn't a proof that I'm alive.

Eileen pointed out on her blog about an article in Time magazine about the studies made over siblings' birth order. I must say that it was a very interesting read! You can read the 3-pages long article right here.

Now, having two elder siblings myself, I can't help but share with you a piece of my thoughts on the article.
It said that the first born have a three-point IQ advantage over the second child as the second child is one point ahead of the third. Basically the studies have shown that I am 4 points more stupid than Nina and Dida! Brilliant!
I'm not sure if I should be offended. I've long accepted the fact that I really am not as smart as my sisters; at least not in school. Physics, Chemistry and Maths have always failed me; while my table-mates were busy setting up the experiment for figuring out velocity, all I could care about was trying to get the toy car to jump to the next table!

I thought I was just lazy but apparently I wasn't meant to get it right.
I suppose It's kinda cool that I can also blame my birth order for my lack of seriousness! We (the youngest) happens to be funny, so the article said. Suuure I'm morbid than most of the people you know, but I'd like to think that my lack of smarts for formulas and equations are compensated by my quick wit. And though I may never hold an important position in a big company or get a really big paycheque, I'm pretty happy to be affiliated to the likes of Mark Twain and Voltaire! (Jane Austen too, was the youngest sibling.)
So I don't know how to count.. doesn't mean that I can't stump you in a philosophical discussion! -- which to be truth, is the only thing I care about anyway.

But Dida isn't so much like the middle child the article refers to. She's not really mysterious, but she does float in between me and Nina pretty well. Dida can easily be Nina's best confidant while handling all my silliness. She has mastered the "middle-grounds" (where I fail miserably). The point is, she is not that hard to figure out as the article had implied.

My day had turned for the better since the last entry, which is excellent 'cause the more I cry, the more my face looks like a cow's butt really. First, DHL came around to send me the book I won from Football Crazy.
Then, I got the most relieving email for this time being; which was what I really needed! heehee. And just now, me and Dida were on the phone with Nina for 20 minutes and the conversation was hilarious. But surely, you can't believe that EVERYTHING is ha-ha the entire day -- I hit my leg at the table so now.. I actually have TWO right knees!

Hmm.. You're probably just as annoyed with my inconsistent moods, yeah?


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