Thursday, November 22, 2007

How my day "went down".

I had a considerably cheery day despite the sleep deprivation and fruitless support towards some questionable teams (Selangor only managed a last minute draw with Johor -- awful night for football!) And then I had (had is an exaggeration -- I wouldn't be a good story teller if I didn't exaggerate a little -- good is also an exaggeration) to go to Midvalley to get a hold of something.
By now you should understand that I chose to have to go to Midvalley.

Then I was miffed and slightly dishevelled to have waited 50 minutes for the train!! (Complete truth, no exaggeration.) Also by the bad news from my newfound friend that my quest today might be a complete waste of time -- only to have it revoked the next hour! hahha! I was pretty prepared to curse like a sailor if it was all for nothing. I mean.. God couldn't have teased you deliberately, could he? Maybe it's just me..

I'm also broke. (Who am I kidding? When was I not broke?) Well, I was pretty rich (ha!) for the last 5 weeks; after Raya. But I had to use the good money to get me something that should make me happy. (Happy in a material sense, yet might bring me some soul-satisfaction! We'll have to see how that one goes but just for notes, since I'd spend all that money today.. there is NO CHANCE that I'll be able to get that big-ass headphone I mentioned on Tuesday for my birthday.. or any day for that matter!)
For one, now I have an excuse to wear the over-priced top I bought last week! I like to think that everyone and everything in this world has a purpose in life; hence, over-priced piece of clothing deserves to be worn on a particularly special occasion, say.. meeting your favourite music-man perhaps? Well, not meeting really meeting him per se. In fact I don't think it mattered if I go in a potato sack; there'll be hundreds of people, it'd be a miracle if he even half-glanced my way. Actually, now come to think of it, maybe I SHOULD go in a potato sack! How can he resist looking at me then, right? hahhaha! I'm losing my mind, but what's new?

Did you know that CIMB is stealing RM30 from me? Well, I was trying to reload my prepaid this morning and after FIFTEEN hours and FOUR phone calls, the money is still isn't reloaded onto my mobile. I'm tired of calling them -again and explain -again what's my problem -again, for God's sake! I've promised myself not to bite off the heads of call-centre people a while ago but this is really testing me. By the end of my third call I was on the verge of losing my temper.. or crying, I couldn't quite decide. But I bet my voice was shaky all the while.

Remember some time ago when I said that smoking makes me want to poop? I'm suddenly reminded of an episode on House where he prescribed "cigarettes" to a patient with inflammatory bowel. I wonder what's the scientific explanation to the effects of cigarettes on the bowel system. Smoking can't be a vice if it helps you now, can it? hahhaha!

I realized today that I mirror people a lot. I'm even mirroring the way people write! For instance, I'm currently reading Once Removed by Andrew Leci and my entries (this entry in particular) sounds just as confusing and chaotic as he'd written his book. (Chaotic? Is it really?) Anyway, I reasoned that it's my way of adapting -- by not adapting at all! (Mirroring isn't actually adapting, is it?)
I read a very good line from the book earlier today;

Writing this stuff is like having a conversation with myself, and seeing as most of my days are spent with complete idiots, it makes for a pleasant change.

It'd make me a pompous prat if I secretly agree to that line, wouldn't it? hahahha!!
Ohh, and I've always wondered to myself if I'd been using the correct spelling when I say "realized".. maybe I should have spelled it as "realised".. but I just checked! I'm a good bee. (Spelling bee.. get it? get it? hahahha! Lame.)

Now don't you wonder which part of all this sounded remotely cheerful? Even I'm asking myself that.


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