Monday, November 12, 2007

So he sang.

Mood meter today: Eight out of ten -- pretty perky!

Went to see Stardust earlier.
It was really nice! Of course, I'm more of a girl who likes to see a film that makes you think, but I can't help but ADORE this film! It's such a nice, light, fun movie! My sister and I went out of the cinema with a silly smile plastered on our faces. In fact, I'm still smiling over it right now. It helps that Charlie Cox (the guy that plays Tristan) is pretty good looking. I think I prefer him than Orlando Bloom.. how crazy is that??? hahhaha!
Anyway, I think the film didn't get as much promotion as it deserve. So I'm telling you now, GO SEE IT!!

Then we went home.. I settled myself in front of the telly -- and Ronaldo scored for United against Blackburn! hahahha!! See.. I told you my teams needed me. They're horribly demanding I suppose, but they're mine so I love them anyway. heh!
The match wasn't as much fun as I had witnessed it, but United won. That's the most important thing (in a football match) anyway.

Been listening to Daniel Bedingfield quite repetetively for the past couple of days. It's actually a song from his 2004 album; Second First Impression. I wasn't really into the song until I read the lyrics quite recently.

I have to say that it amuses me -- the fact that both of the Bedingfield siblings happens to be Sagittarians. I'd say it's cool except that it is slightly upsetting that Daniel here has ADD. I don't know.. it's just sad thinking that a fellow Sagittarian has some sort of a medical condition that involves the brain.
Somehow it made me feel that it's actually.. really possible that I'm going crazy by the minute.
I don't know.. it's just the way I feel/think.

Have a good Monday everyone.

edited on 11:45 AM.
I just found out.. that James Morrison is NOT a Cancer, but actually a Leo -- which makes him all the more desirable. hahahha! I know.. I'm zodiac-biased.


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