Sunday, November 04, 2007

Things I'd do for the indefinite you.

I know how that sounds.. I suppose it's useless to try and lie about the fact that despite my steely demeanor, I am.. (unfortunately) a romantic at heart.
But please.. don't take that slight confession too seriously. I'm still mostly a cynic.. a sceptic.

United managed a draw in last night's match against Arsenal. Dida thought it was a good game, I thought it was shite. Okay okaaay, it WAS exciting but United could've done so - much - MORE! But hey, at least they didn't end up cancelling each other and finish off without any goals at all! I'm glad at that.
The other United (Newcastle) on the other hand SUCK! hahhaha! How could they lost so unceremoniously to Portsmouth at home is beyond my comprehension. I should stop "expecting the best" by now, don't I?

Aaah.. why was I ever made to be this stubborn in the first place?
I've said it so many times; "You can't win everything". I am practically preaching to whomever who would listen how "you CAN'T win everything!". I could write an entire book about it! (hahha! I'm being rhetoric.. It'll take me yeaaars to get a start on that!)

You know what.. Just as I had called "obsession" as "passion", I think I'm going to start calling my stubborness for supporting all things that suck as "faith". hahhaha! Sounds really nice, yeah?
So I get disappointed and devastated along the way but hey.. you've got to have FAITH! I'm not really stubborn, no.. I just have a lot of faith in my team. I have a lot of faith in the future, really.

Just in case you've never come by this blog before and you don't know me at all..
Hi, my name is Wanie and I'm a hopeful cynic.


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