Saturday, December 15, 2007

"--but it was my birthdaay!"

I'm sorry.. not too sure to whom it should be directed to, but maybe God.

I'm sorry that even though I said that I was grateful yesterday, I had only said it half-heartedly. I know I shouldn't have, but I am.. a brat. And I am rather selfish, I know that.

So I'm thankful that I still have my family.
Thank you Papa.
Thank you Mama.
Thank you Nina.
Thank you Abang Min and the kiddies.
Thank you Dida.
I'm thankful that I have friends whom remembers me.
Thank you Ana and Bahijah.
Thank you Hanis, Dayat and Muz.
Thank you Rai and Arep.
Thank you Alia, Dar, and Ablen.
I'm thankful for all those people whom stuck around despite me being the brat that I am. I'm also thankful for those who hadn't been around but still remembers me..
I'm thankful that I got to 23 years of age. There is a magic with aging.

And most of all, I'm grateful to You.
I found yet another reason to cry today, not that it will ever be the last but I'm fine with that. I'm thankful that my tear ducts are functioning well. heehee.

edited on 1:45 AM, February 5th 2008.


Gentle-Diplomat said...


eh i did wish you on your birthday.
how come my name's not in the list?


Monkey's Bunny said...

ohh whoops!
going to write you in right away!


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