Monday, December 31, 2007

Good God,
my arms are falling off!

I had a hectic weekend. It wasn't particularly tiring but my arms, especially the right arm aches SO SO BAD -- which is resulting in me having to type this entry depending solely on my uncoordinated left hand.
I think I pulled a vein.

I had spent my weekend in Seremban; at Nina's new place, where she held some sort of a housewarming cum Farhana's birthday party. Dida stayed up for the most of Saturday night/Sunday morning (which ever way you'd like to call it) preparing the meals -- I was also in the kitchen to keep her company for the most part. Let's just believe that my lack of duty in there was mainly due to my lack of experience and practice. heh! I did spend a good two hours peeling massive loads of onions; red ones, yellow ones and the ever-annoying garlic.

So anyway, my tasks were mainly keeping my sisters company, carrying things around, and washing up in the end (I am after all an expert at that!) -- which in the end had contributed to my lack of sleep, really sore arms, tired feet, an achy back and the funny feeling in my palms. But it was all good! I like it when we (the sisters and brother-in-law) huddled and criticize/gossip/bad-mouthed the parents in between the workload. hahhahaha!!
Typical semi-dysfunctional family, I would say.

Alrighty then, I took an hour and fifteen minutes of my morning just typing this.
If my right arm feels better later, I'll put in some more words.
Ohh, Selangor lost to Kedah, my favourite United teams lost their matches and Arsenal is back on top of the table. What a horrific weekend for football!


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