Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye Oh-Seven!

hahahha! Well, the year is ending in a few minutes and I can't help reminiscing about all the things that have happened through the year -- the good.. the bad.. (I'll probably just remember the good ones though) so let's have a walk through memory lane;

Balek kampung in February for two weeks. hahha! Dida asked me to come to Nederland and we even managed to get ourselves to Frankfurt and Berlin on our last days in Europe. That was loads of fun.

Back in London, then went to see my boys at Old Trafford in March -- it was incredible! I still remember the scores! hahha!
Travelled with Nina for the first time. It was funny how we went nutty for the Liverpool Street Market and Primark. We really should spend Boxing Day in Europe one day!

April; I got tix to see GOOD CHARLOTTE from MTV!! That was just too cool since I've always wanted to see them perform live, and I did!
Also.. I started having a *ehem* secret and impossible crush on *coughs*.

May -- I discovered James Morrison and that IS a big deal!

Conspired a mischief with Nadiah that got us and Bahijah free copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from Kinokuniya in July! Then at the end of the month, I managed to stick my right thumb in between the car door and it grew into a mammoth. Even until now my nail is still crooked.

I got to tag Dida and her friends to Chiang Mai for a couple of days in August!

In October, I started an adoration for Pushing Daisies and tried to tell anyone who would listen to watch it. Somewhere in the middle of the month, my name was on Football Crazy for answering a question correctly and at the end of the month, I got my first EVER haircut at a saloon! Also, read Paulo Coelho for the first time.

Went to the A1 Grand Prix for the first time in November -- it wasn't that special. hahhaha! Then I received an autographed copy of Andrew Leci's book in the mail from Football Crazy! But the highlight of that month must've been seeing James Morrison performing live in KLCC! After days on end of emotional torment, I actually managed to get myself a ticket and scored a seat in the second row. I'm indubitably grateful for my luck!

In December, the entire family took a holiday for the first time and went to Langkawi.. and how things unravel was unsurprising. hahha! But the ending was funny now to think about it; with us rushing and hustling to check out from the hotel and Dida driving like a madman to get ourselves to the airport -- I swear it would've brought the McCallisters (Home Alone) to shame.

Basically.. I do have a LOT to be thankful for. So truly.. I'll try my best to BE -- thankful.
Sigh. Come on oh-eight! (Quite unenthusiastically, unfortunately.)



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