Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm constantly pissed.

Really, I am.
Anything that anyone does outside my personal timing just irks me. I'm really irritable which is probably why my friends consists of a really close knit group of people -- which is really fine by me.
They're the people who either;
a. never or hardly ever annoys me, or
b. made me feel comfortable enough for me to blow up in their faces.

Damn, it's tiring to be angry all the time.
I'm even angry at myself for always asking questions that has no answers.
I hate hate HATE that I get the same heaviness in my heart when I'm angry or sad. My heart is probably confused with which is which from the constant emotional roller coaster.

I just read somewhere (I do know the source, I just don't feel like sharing) that harbouring feelings of guilt can have a negative effect on the mental health.
hahhahaha! Well, hello! There might be a fact behind that theory. Except that I'm too pissed off about something to even try to poke fun at it or let my sarcasm get the best of it.



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