Thursday, December 13, 2007

Things you might not know about me.

1. Some people burp, some fart.. Some people drink.. some crack their knuckles. I pick my nose. (--and curse, but you knew that already.)
2. The best birthday presents I ever got was the One Ring and my K750i, both were from my mom. I suppose she do know me a bit.
3. I'm allergic to Ceporex.
4. I have a history of asthma, and yet--
5. I smoke, even though--
6. I'm slightly hypochondriac. (I think it's because I watch too many medical shows and did further reading on their cases sometimes. Made me aware of odd medical issues, but not in a good way apparently.)
7. I've had a bread stick with lard in it once in Rome. I can laugh about it now 'cause I blame it on Dida for not reading the label!
8. I want a GREEN hi-top Converse Chuck Taylor just because Chuck (Pushing Daisies) wore them one time. Don't know if I'll ever go and get it though.
9. My biggest fears: losing my sanity (literally) and being hated by my sisters.
10. I'm not particularly crazy about chocolates. I know how people associates women with chocolate but my sweet tooth is mainly for candies and ice-creams. (Although I rarely say no to a good bar of Snickers or Twix or Kinder Bueno or a piece of After Eight, but that is as far as my fondness for chocolates goes -- hahahha!)
11. I actually HATE flying. I hate the cabin pressure, I hate sitting still for too long, I hate the smell of peanuts, I hate the awkward headphones and I especially hate that it reminds me of all the "Air Crash Investigations" (National Geographic Channel) episodes I've seen -- but I LOVE the view from up there.. and I love the chance of getting to know the person sitting next to me.. and I especially love the prospects of landing on someplace new when I get off the plane, so somehow that makes things okay.
12. My cousin once had asked me if I was gay.
13. My previous relationships have never passed 3 months. I don't know what that says about me.
14. I'm just as easily freaked out now about having a relationship as I was at fourteen.
15. I've been an astrology-freak since I was fifteen. Could've been earlier but I'm really certain of being fifteen.
16. I had once wanted to be married to JC Chasez so the other *NSYNC guys would come over my (ehem! our) house.
17. If I'd celebrated Christmas, I would've wanted my socks to be filled with socks! One can never have too many socks. (Don't I sound like a Dumbledore-Dobby fusion.)
18. I have eighteen moles. Could be more but I have Javanese skin.. we get freckles and I can't tell them apart.
19. Men I've daydreamed about this year: Alan Smith, James Morrison, Danny Jones, John Krasinski, Ross Copperman, Gerrard Way and Ami James. (I know.)
20. I've actually cried listening to Tearin' Up My Heart by *NSYNC once. Let's just say that I was hormonally unstable.
21. I have two grey hairs at the front of my hairline but I refuse to pull them out 'cause they make me feel like Rogue (X-Men).
22. If my family gets infected by the T-Virus (Resident Evil) and turns into a zombie, I'd probably just let them bite me.
23. I was born on a Thursday, exactly 23 years ago.


Anonymous said...

takleh blah list yg last skali tu. ahahahah! yes, we know its ur bday dear

Monkey's Bunny said...

saje jeee.. kasi dramatik effect sket. :D

Anonymous said...

wanie... if i may know, sape yang suspect ko gay tu? hehehehehe

Monkey's Bunny said...


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