Monday, December 24, 2007

We have theives among us.

I love matchday.. so does Dida!
Especially since we've never been to a game where we ended up as the losing side! hahahhaha! That is always fun!

The thing about Shah Alam Stadium though, there's always that uncivilized people who aren't supposed to be out with the society and last night, one of them tried to STEAL one of the balls that got out of the pitch and into the stand. The awful thing was, there were a couple of people fighting over that one ball while the rest us booed. Really. Then one of those morons got them, and one good Samaritan took the ball from him and threw the ball back at the ball-picker. Then we all clapped, of course! Really cool dude -- even though I didn't actually see him! hehheh.

Then as we were leaving through the gate with everybody else, all of a sudden the crowd started chanting, "pencuri! pencuri! pencuri!" (thief! thief! thief!) several times which was reaaally LOUD! Served him right.

Anyway! Selangor won 2 - 1 against Penang, and Man United won with the same scores against Everton! Really cool. heehee. Newcastle managed to draw at the last minutes against Derby which was a BIG relief! A pretty good night for football.

Ohh, I forgot to tell you how my legs refused to move while I was at the mall the other day. I was just walking around really.. until I saw a particular picture in front of GAP which had made me stopped and gaped for a bit. hahahha! I must've looked pretty foolish but I couldn't help it.

There's a nice (yet freaky) full moon out there.

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Currently listening crazily to: Paramore - Misery Business.
I am in awe of Hayley's vocals! This kid's incredible! Okay, saying it's incredible is probably over the top, but I can't help being impressed by people who can scream/shout without having their voice sounding whiny and annoying. Thus, incredible. Go to YouTube and listen to the acoustic version; she sounds just as she sounded in the record!


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