Thursday, January 03, 2008

Screw Resolutions!

Who am I kidding?
Really. hahahhaha!
I'm a real sucker for silly traditions so I can't help myself from making resolutions every single year even though I was never really serious about making them happen. You know, it's the thought that counts, right? heehee.

So how did you celebrate new year's?
Mama, Dida and myself had spent the entire day at home that Mama had to say at the end of the day; "Baiknye anak Mama duk rumah hari ni" ("So nice that my children stayed at home today") hahhha!
Then when Papa came back, he asked; "Didn't anyone go out today?" -- We said "no" and he continued, "At all?"
That kind of gives you a general idea what sort of children we really are, yeah?

Actually, it's quite incredible.. I haven't touched the ground (since I am after all living in a flat!) since the new year! Perhaps tomorrow I should just go down for the heck of it. Except.. I can't stand the heat these days! It's terrible! I have been staying still in one spot as not to make any vigorous moves that'd make me sweat. hahhaha!

Anyway, I finished reading Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony just before new year's and let me say that it was INCREDIBLE! I can't believe I actually shed tears for Artemis Fowl! ahhaha! The story definitely got better. To think that I've been putting off reading the book for a while.. what was I thinking??
Really looking forward to the next installment later this year! yeayy!

I'm sorry that this is practically an empty entry. I just don't think I should start the year with something heavy, hence -- frivolity!

So I've been spending weeks figuring out my resolutions for this year. (Yes, for something that I don't take too seriously, I do think about it a LOT!)
I can only find one so far.. as I still have last year's resolutions in mind. It's the guilt.. I'm really hating it.
The one I'll try to work on for now:
Find my words so I can express myself better.
Curious, right? I've had this blog for FIVE freakin' years, for God's sake and I still need to find a way to communicate better! geez.

Okay! I'll let you know if I find anything else I feel that I should be working on later. Have a good year, everybody!


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