Saturday, January 12, 2008

Show me a darker side than you.

I am feeling guilty.
I feel like apologizing. Maybe to God. Maybe to myself. To myself mostly.
I don't think I'm taking life as seriously as I should. I'm grateful for so many things.. just as much as I forget about them.
It's pathetic. I'm pathetic. Sorry, me.

Sorry for having so many things to be angry about.
Sorry for being easily saddened about life.
Sorry for hardly appreciating myself. I hardly feel that this body deserves the soul it's been given.
I'm sorry that depression is one word away. Crying without a reason is no longer embarrassing because it comes too often.

Sometimes it amazes me how empty my words are.
I seemed to be speaking but no one ever listens.
It's incredible.
Incredibly depressing -- but hey! If anybody listens to me now, I'd only think that they've read this. Too late.

Some people just can't be helped. They simply need to help themselves first before anyone can lend a hand.
It's scary to think that I'm most probably beyond help. For one, I don't even trust myself -- thus I'm lost, beyond reach.. detached.

I am.. your little screwed up friend.
Who is tired of being tired.
And yet doing nothing to change the world.
I am.. blaming myself for myself.
Sorry, me.

McFly - She Falls Asleep (Part 2)


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