Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ten Foot Pole.

Now, if you've visited this blog in this past couple of hours, you'd probably witnessed an odd looking entry. Well, sorry for that. I believe I had mis-clicked the "publish" button instead of "save" as I had intended to. geez.
Moving on..

Jason Mraz - You And I Both

There is just something with this song that whenever I listen to it, it'd take my thoughts to a couple years back when I first heard it. humm..
And I will say no more of it for fear of my heart be known. hahhaha!

Speaking of Mraz.. recently I saw a video of him performing in Berlin and woww.. if I was the camera-woman, I think I'd definitely drop the camera out of nerves.
Doesn't matter the fact that I'm not that into Jason Mraz in the first place. hahha! But without a doubt, Mraz is an incredible performer.. (Just stand there singing with a guitar and I'd be drooling, really.)

You know what, I think I'll definitely name my child starting with the letter "J". I mean, at the top of my head I could think of at least 5 people I admire with names that started with J; Austen, Morrison, Chasez, Mraz, Rowling..
Really. J is the letter.

I have this hankering feeling that I should share with you some real thoughts but somehow I can't seem to bring myself to a single thought of substance -- and for that, I am sorry. (At myself mostly.)
I suppose there are just some days when I am simply.. out of reach.
Write to you later.

P.S: I remember perfectly that I've said that I won't put up anymore songs on this blog.. But now that I'm using Flock, I am no longer experiencing the stress I've had when I was using Opera! So I say there's no longer a harm in embedding file songs. yeayy!


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