Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Okay, this is probably too silly to blog about but I don't care!
I got to KO someone with 800+ hp damage using Maelstrom! How cool is that?? muhahahha!

So I got KOed twice as much.. but this.. this calls for some noting down, my friends. This is quite historic! I did a full jig right after I got that KO! That is how much this game influences my life these days. haha!
Well, it's been good fun. Even when I get properly KOed -- the kind that wasn't caused by my awful internet connection, and made me stuck in the Free Far All zone longer than I had intended to.

Anyway, I figured that I'm only CRAZY about this game because I've actually made friends through it. If I had been all to myself and not chatted at all with a single stranger, I don't think I would've found a reason to get hooked on Facebook for any longer than 10 minutes.
I know that I've said strangers are my favourite people on Earth.. but really.. the strangers that becomes a friend later on are the best kinds. *wink!*

Have a wonderful Chinese New Year guys.. It's the year of the rat! OMG, I'm 24 this year! gaaaaahhh!
Also, have a good.. umm.. Lent.


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