Saturday, March 29, 2008

Damaged at best.

Been feeling a bit low for the past couple of days.
Moody.. pissy.. the works.

I wish my thoughts are more stable.
I wish my emotions were.
hmmph. I hate it when I talk to myself too much. blah.

Anyway, it's been a weird week. Although my Thursday and Friday didn't turn out bad at all. heh.

Went to watch the FA Cup second-leg between Selangor and Perak. It was pretty stressful (I'm not going to say why) but also funny in the same time. Selangor won in the end.. but..
ughh.. I don't know. The week is just too weird for me to actually enjoy it.

Then I had spent the next day with Ana. We didn't do much. Basically we just walked a bit in the city.. sat in cafes and yap about stuff.. We're completely in love with that strawberry tart at Coffee Bean, by the way. ughh.. God, why do I have a sweet tooth. Now I feel like I should have it again later today.
(Which I actually might. hahhahaha!)

Ah anyway.. not really in the mood to write.
Although I'd like to think that going out did good to my soul. I grinned so much today, my cheeks hurt! hahha! So thaaank yoouuu Anaaa!! I love you, girlfriend! hahhahaha!

Loving this song..

Letto - Permintaan Hati

Dengarkanlah permintaan hati yang teraniaya sunyi
Dan berikanlah arti pada hidupku
Yang terhempas yang terlepas
Pelukanmu bersamamu dan tanpamu aku hilang selalu
Bersamamu dan tanpamu aku hilang selalu

I have to wonder how Indonesian writers can be.. so poetic, where most Malaysian song writers tried so hard and failed. blah.


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