Monday, March 31, 2008


Incik Dar, happy birthday!!!

You know, I figured out something.. since today is the last day of March.. I think that's why you are so.. you. hahhaha! Merepek and all..
Always amusing, though :P

Anyway, since you've been so busy.. (ALL my friends are always busy.. I wonder why. hahhaha!!) and we haven't talked all that much since... err.. entah? So I decided to dedicate today's entire entry to you!

I am so awesome -- but the truth is, now I feel no inclination to get you anything for your birthday. muahahaha! (Not that I've ever.. not really. heh)

Hope you'll have a great day.. and a wonderful year being 24. Tuaaa!! yuck! hahha! And yeah.. I can definitely picture you getting married esok lusa :P

And I could probably find a better picture than the one I have there, but I feel that you are.. so YOU in that one. hahhahaha!


Anonymous said...

Ow My God! me look ugly!
uiyoo, entry pasal saya berjaya bertahan tanpa entry lain!
hehe, what do u mean by i am soo me since it was the last day of marchie ha? it sounded like a compliment, but the following sentence cakap, so merepek and all.
tak macam compliment pon. but i take it as a compliment since the next line cakap saya always amusing :D

thanks for the wish and this special entry che wanie bai bai.
yeah, saya dah tua, dah bole kawen dua :D

terharuuuu with this entry

Monkey's Bunny said...

so merepek and all sebab the day after you were born is April Fools :P
so.. tempias kemerepekkan from first day of April :D

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