Sunday, April 06, 2008

How about something to think about?

Maybe not. heh.

I went to the Selangor vs. Kedah match last night.
eeep! It was.. something else. May I just say that I adore their fans? I mean.. they were GREAT!! The turn out was incredible. They beat Perak's fans, hands down. hahhaha!

I think it's the fact that the two top teams are up against each other was the main reason why there were so many football fans out there.
Oh, and we lost. The second losing match I'd EVER been to and I must say.. it'd felt fine. I'm pretty sure my blood pressure had rocketed the first time, but the second.. I was pretty cool about it.

Anyway, it's getting late. And I need sleep. Too tired to even tell you about those two guys in the masks. heh. I love them. They're so cute!


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