Thursday, April 24, 2008


Seems like I've been doing that a lot recently.. and I don't know why.
There are certain things that I just can't explain. Doesn't matter how many hours I'd spend trying to figure it out. I keep on coming up with blanks.

I just feel.. a cloud over my chest. Making me hard to breathe. (Asthma? HAHAHA!!)

I wish I have the answers. It irks me when I don't have the answers to my own questions. It annoys me when there is no one I could shout at except myself. I hate to hate myself but I'm making it too easy for myself. heh.

Great. Cold sweats. Just what I need right now. blah.
Maybe I'm just getting the flu. Everyone at home have had it. Somehow it missed me. hmmph. Typical. I shall look at the horizon and wait for the super-flu to come and get me then. (Negative much?)

hmm.. Don't try reading between the lines. This has nothing to do with anyone but me. And here I am typing this out for the world to read. Just another question to throw out to the universe.
I swear if the universe is a person, it would be just as dumbfounded as I always find myself with my chaotic thoughts.

I think I need a day out.

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