Friday, April 25, 2008

I want my lifelog... *pouts*

Since Lifelogger is still acting like crap. (Maybe it's just mine..? I don't know) I can't exactly share any song over here. It won't play. yuck. Annoying.

Anyway, I woke up today by Dida's call.. sometimes I prefer the times when we're having a fight. She wouldn't be talking to me, hence I wouldn't have to do any favours for her. muaahahahaha!
But actually, it may have been the time to wake up anyway. I was woken up at 9.. managed to fall back to sleep.. then woke up again at 10.. blah. I hate it when that happens. I think I had some weird dreams, but I don't remember them anymore. So what ever. heh. (rambling.)

The thoughts of the Twilight series are still fresh in my mind. I honestly love the books. Of course, there were three so there are bound to be some sluggish parts, but really.. I really enjoyed the books! And yeah.. it all started with Eeva and now everyone's on Cullen fever. hahaha!
The 4th book, final installment (from Bella's view) is coming out in August. weeee! hmm.. sigh. My to-read list keeps getting longer and longer. blah.

I just remembered what I had dreamt this morning...
err.. unfortunately it's too silly to share. hahahaha!

hmm.. would you believe that an old Avril Lavigne's song is stuck in my head right now? sigh. Of all people..

It's Friday.. think I'm going to clip my nails. heh. I should do something good today after... earlier. heehee. oh, that reminds me.. I saw two house-lizards "doing it" and it totally made me laugh. hahaha!
Also, I think I'm freaking out again. But it's.. fine really. It comes and goes.. in waves. I might just get used to the freaking out.


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