Friday, April 18, 2008

OMG-- just fuck off!!

I think it's amazing how people would generally call on God only when they're having a hard time.
Fortunately, I am not among those people. I also call on Him when I'm pissed. heh.

I also think it's incredible how I'm usually driven by my need to "run away" from something. That's.. wrong, isn't it? I should be running towards something..
But that's just how the case usually is. I am perfectly fine with the way things are.. until comes a moment when I need to run away from something. Then I make myself feel better by saying that I was actually running towards something. And somehow along the way I managed to make myself believe that I was.

I hate how my head can make me believe in anything.
Then, only after a while can I hear my heart's screams: LIE LIE LIE LIES!!!

ughh.. am I not messed up, ladies and gents?
hmmph.. so.. anyway.. to run or not to run? My heart is beating hard.

On a different note, I should've been sleeping or this entry wouldn't have a reason to exist.. but I tossed and turned for an hour and my eyes won't shut even though I am a little sleepy.
Something random.. Windows Live Messenger is prejudicial towards my computer. Oh, just because I have an old version of XP, it won't let me update it.. and so I have an old.. obsolete Windows Messenger on my computer that I can't possibly use, nor delete, because for what ever reason it's not showing up on my Add or Remove Programs. Moronic.
Also.. my arms are still sore from pointlessly moving things around in my room yesterday. So I'm cranky that they're sore and I needed them to type out this freakin' entry.

See, you should never leave me alone. And you've only been away for.. hardly 4 hours. sheesh! I'm getting too dependent, I'm hating it. bleh. I blame you for EVERYTHING!!

Sixpence None The Richer - I Need Love


Anonymous said...

Actually Wanie.... you have it a little bit wrong there... the proper phrasiology here wouldnt be OMG-- just fuck off... it would actually be OMFG-- just fucking fuck off motherfuckers... so yeah... you might want to get on the ball with that...

Monkey's Bunny said...

hahahha!! that's actually hilarious.

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