Friday, May 09, 2008

"Babi gila"

hahhaha!! It is SO awesome that you called!! Especially since I've been thinking of writing an open letter to you. You know.. the kind where I shamelessly let the world know that I've missed you and that I actually have things to tell you but didn't know how to bring up -- so you'd have to pry it out of me. heehee.
Also.. the fact that we've pretty much caught up a bit on each other's lives made me feel like a WAAAY better friend than I was yesterday. HAHAHAHA!! Seriously though.. you crossed my mind like once a day for the past week. So, THAAANNKK YOUUUUU!!
And no, I haven't forwarded you any email since we hung up. muahahahahahaha!!

Anyway, here's one thing nobody knew.. yet.
I cried in my bed last night. Not to sleep though.. nothing tragic like that. Just.. for one moment.. for one very brief moment, I felt a mixture of absolute bliss and being scared shitless. hahha! And as odd as that sounds, it had somehow brought me.. a single tear.
heehee. yeah, just one. One lonely tear that ran down my left cheek. I must say that I'm now convinced that my left eye is more emotional than the right. hahaha!

I love the way I feel these days.
Even with the slight nervousness, occasional freaking out and constant constant curiosity. The great unknown is showing me things I've never seen before and I must admit that I like what I'm seeing.
I'm like the drunkard that is halfway home.. (okay, that MAY be an exaggeration but I don't care.. I just feel like saying that.)

ps: do a search on my blog for "drunkard" if that last line doesn't make sense to you.


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