Saturday, May 10, 2008

Damn it Danny!!

Just some unnecessary update..

Ever since I've started playing MHA (plus the Writer's Strike stuff..) I haven't seen any of my favourite shows.. for MONTHS!!
I'm catching up to them now (since I've practically retired from that application on Facebook. 5 freakin' months is long enough to obsess about a game, I think! That's even longer than any of my past relationships, so.. hahahhaha!!)

Anyway, catching up to those shows in one sitting is making me slightly disoriented actually. Like, I was watching CSI: NY but I was thinking, that maggots scene was yuck!. And.. uh.. that maggots scene was actually from Bones! hahahha!
But hey, I am pretty pleased that I'm up to date on Bones, House, Grey's Anatomy and The Office now.

Oh oh!! I watched Waitress yesterday. It was neat! I love Keri Russell -- soo pretty!! hahaha! But I love the script, really. Some things on there were really witty. I just love it.

Umm.. what else.
Oh, I'll be away this weekend.. "Family time" OMG!!
The thought of being stuck with the family always make me feel.. slightly.. suffocated uneasy. Who knows really.. I might actually end up having fun. Weird actually.. I always end up having fun, but I always dreaded the thought of it. hahaha!
Ah, even I don't completely understand my psyche..


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