Thursday, May 22, 2008

Glory Glory!


"European Champions".. seriously.
The game was excruciating! I mean.. really.. my broadcast was lagging and I was in a chatroom where there were four other who were watching the game. By the time it got to the penalties, I had to look away.. my stomach could barely take it. I thought I was going to puke. haha!

But it was really nice.. that we won. I feel bad for Terry, but bah, Chelsea! hahha!

Side note: Really, I simply cannot stop ogling at Vidic whenever the camera pans towards him. gaah! Perfect body-type, anyone? hahahha!! Dida agreed anyway, heh!

Moving on! David Cook won American Idol. I wasn't really following this year's Idol but I am partial to him since I accidentally saw his rendition of Billie Jean.

Other than those non-important things that has nothing to do with me particularly, there isn't anything else really.. bah!
Time passes so quickly and yet.. bleh.
I wonder if I don't think of half the things that I think of.


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