Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I lost count..

I was out the whole day on Monday.. I forgot how many ciggies I smoked. A LOT, I know. I should probably stop actually, but I'm not saying why since it'd sound like a really solid reason to stop and I refuse to believe that I have a solid reason to stop. I'm in denial. hahahha!! Plus, I need a vice. I'm already a goody-goody as it is. bleh.
Don't think about asking me what that reason is Sylly. I bet you'd start nagging me about stopping if I tell you. boo.

So I met up with the girls in Midvalley..
After a bit of walking around with Ana, we decided to just go to San Fran and sat around as we wait for Bahijah. Pretty cool actually! The manager recognized me and when we got inside he was already one step towards the smoking area before he asked.. more like making sure that we wanted to be seated at that area. hahahaha!

We decided to get something light, so Ana ordered the fried calamari for us to share but then the guy turned to me and asked, "black pepper?" hahhahha!
It means that the next time I go there.. I could try and ask for "the usual" !!! Really, how cool is that?!! hahahhaha!! (oy, I'm easily amused, obviously)

Bahijah joined us at about 3 and only then we ordered lunch. (and I didn't have the black pepper steak, just so you know. I wasn't feeling it so I got the Alfredo.)
We yapped.. gossiped a bit (haha!) but mostly reminisce about our days in college. Alpha year mostly. Bahijah mentioned HB0 which was amusing since I just reread a bit of my old entries the other day and came across our times there.
And oh, the stupid recordings on mine and Ana's computer.. about the song/video we made for Sheeya.. heh.

We were in San Fran for 3 hours basically.. Bahijah had to leave before 7. Me and Ana walked around a bit some more before making our way to the commuter. Parted ways in Central and I got on my train back to Shah Alam.. then Mama called and asked where I was and said that Dida was on her way to KLCC so I should call her.

And I did. I got off the train at the third stop from Central and waited for Dida to come and pick me up, and we made our way to KLCC. She had wanted to buy a pressie for somebody and so I helped a bit with what I can. I guess I should be thankful for my time working in Kinokuniya.. those months in KLCC had gotten me familiar with the shops (and fire escapes, obviously!) (uh, I guess that's an inside joke.) I led Dida to D'NATA; awesome shop, my kind of shop.. Me and Dida fought over the right colour of paper and ribbons but it turned out AWESOME! I swear, I could probably start a career at gifts-presentation. hahahha!

Then we went to get dinner. Headed towards Chilli's at first but it was packed.. so guess where we went next....
hahahahhaha!! But Midvalley's is waaaaaayy better than KLCC's. I probably should email them about it later. heh.

Oh, this is SUCH a boring entry...
I should just go to bed.


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