Saturday, April 05, 2008

Life on a loop.

It's.. weird..
You know how some say that history will repeat itself.. but I'd always imagined it to be something BIG.. and really significant.

Of course, I'm just a mere bleep in the universe so the small thing could be considered as BIG.. but.. hmm.. I was hoping for something Earth-shaking. Not just some.. silly thing that I just happened to notice.
Baah. I'm about to talk in circles.. or say something really stupid so I'm going to stop right there and write about something else.

I'd spent yesterday with my favourite friends. Ana woke me up with a phone call at noon (ha!) and asked if I'd wanted to join her just hanging out. DUH! So.. I got out of bed and ended up stepping out of the house around 2. (You know, the rain.. running out of cute things to wear.. pretty bothersome. heh!)

(This is completely unnecessary but I wanted to write it anyway.)
May I just say, that I hate the effing public transport in the effing suburbs?! I mean.. seriously.. I had to wait an hour for a freakin' taxi to pass by. uh.. well.. I blame Syl for that actually.. but anyway, that's a story I won't tell here, but sheesh! ONE HOUR! I'd almost lost my mind.

Anyway, met up with Ana at Central and went to Pavillion.. hung out.. tarts.. coffees.. gossips.. the works. haha!
It was a few hours until Ilsa joined us.. then Bahijah..! Super! I know I've said this last week but really.. I was laughing and grinning so much my cheeks had hurt. It had felt like cramps at one point. hahahhaha! sheesh! I really need to get out more and get used to laughing more again.
Really.. Wanie and indoors does not mesh that well.. don't know what I was thinking. bleh.

So.. that was, what? 6 hours of my Friday spent with friends? heh. Wouldn't have it any other way. (Well, maybe there is.. but again -- different story!)
Amazing to think that I've known this girls for 6 years..
Now.. if only I could keep a guy around for just as long.


Anonymous said...

haha im sorry =x
for causing u to wait so long for the cab.. but.. mm i'm quite happy actually.. kinda grinning and smiling =p

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