Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh.. my.. God!

Just saw this week's episode of House and Bones.. and oh my God..
omg omg omg!
Like.. ughh.. the first word that came out from my mouth at the ending of those two episodes were "shit!"

Okay.. going to watch CSI: NY now.. if I can get my head around.. things.

Oh earlier, I finally saw Evening. I find it.. a little poignant.
It was about a woman and her mistakes.. which turned out not to be mistakes after all! hahaha. Ah well, basically it was about her last thoughts while in her death bed.. her regrets. It was slow.. but I felt like I learned something. heh.

Also, I finally saw Iron Man last night. I laughed when the title came out; Orang Besi -- whaaa?! hahahahha! Sometimes I feel like those translators were actually being funny and not actually simply translating the English words ver batum. (At least I would like to think that they have some bit sense of humour than just being stupid.)
And yeah.. the movie was as good as everyone else had told me.

As you can see.. my day had been pretty uneventful today so there's nothing much to blog about.


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