Monday, June 09, 2008

Bloody hell..

I think I need to bang my head to the wall.. hard, so I could forget about the weekend. (Saturday in particular.)
blah. Remind me not to want anything so bad ever again.
Syl, I don't want you.
hahahhaha! (Laughing so I won't cry again. I absolutely HATE getting worked up like this.. blah!!! grrr!!! Make me forget, make me forget, make me forget, make me forget..)

I watched Step Up 2 : The Streets earlier. I had to sigh. Have I ever mentioned here that I love guys who can mooove? hahahha! Although I've never related them to sex (as Hitch would've suggested). I think it's just cool. And that is why, I can't help myself from watching movies about dancing.. or can't turn my eyes away when there's Usher's or Chris Brown's video on telly.
O yeah, speaking of Chris Brown, I swear I saw someone who looked like him a few days ago (that damned Saturday). That guy had the brows and lips.. heehee.

I had to try my best not to stare at him. hahahha!!
Of course, I'm kinda bad at NOT-staring. But I didn't get caught.. so.. ALL HAIL THE STARE-MASTEH.
I'm losing my mind, sorry.

Oh, I like Step Up 2 by the way. I think that dance at the end was HOT! hahahhaha!
Anyway.. trying to find She's All That now. Kinda missed it. heehee.
oooh.. Nederland versus Italia tonight!! Land, hup hup Hol! hahhahaha!! God, I miss everything Europe right now..


Cherish feat. Yung Joc - Killa


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