Saturday, June 07, 2008


Yes I am.
But you don't know that 'cause I'm not saying anything about it. Not yet at least. So never mind that.. for now. I just need to clear my head a bit.. find a new plan, set THAT in motion.. and once I no longer feel crushed or at least calm enough when I think about it, I shall tell someone about this stupid thing that had left me baffled and clueless.

A thought crossed my mind yesterday..
I wish I was photogenic.
I wish I was goth so random people wouldn't ask me for directions.
But really, the two won't go hand in hand would they? heehee.
Actually, I do wish I am photogenic AND that people wouldn't come to me and ask for directions. I was waiting for a bus yesterday and there were.. a LOT of people around. But this black car stopped right in front of ME! Asked how to get to Plaza Massalam. In my shock and stupidity, I told the man on the driver seat to make a u-turn when he could easily drive all the way straight until he sees the roundabout. gaaah! (I did told him that, eventually.. after a lot of err and umm when I can't visualize the road if he HAD made a u-turn.)

I swear, some days I just don't know where my head's at.

hmm.. changing topic.. you know, there is ONE question that I can't answer 'cause it's annoyingly easy and yet I have NO ANSWER for it??
"What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?"
Bloody hell. I don't think I have any!! The only thing I can think of was the one when I fell flat on the floor after jumping out of a chair during class, but really.. that wasn't really embarrassing! It was funny! I laughed so hard that day! gaah. I can't believe I can't answer one simple question.
Idiot. I should stop laughing at everything.

Okay. I'm coughing and I need a good rest.

Love you hunnyyyyy!!


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