Tuesday, June 24, 2008


[!TJ-Schism] although tbh waniela, you're probably adhd

Moderate ADHD Likely

heh. I find it interesting having someone said that to me.
Question 18, "Even when sitting quietly, I am usually moving my hands or feet." Somehow reminded me of this one time when I was 12, in the school's hall. It was the end of year and we were preparing for the end of year ceremonies. I was sitting next to my class teacher, waiting for my turn on the rehearsal for the pantomime (I was one of the narrators) and I was fidgeting.. moving my feet, then my teacher placed her hand on my knee and asked me to stop. hahahha!
If only I'd known of ADHD at that time.

Anyway, the quiz said I'm moderately ADHD, but I'm actually just 2-points away from having "Adult ADHD".
mm.. I don't know why I'm typing this entry. I'm just bored I guess. Maybe I just need to get one of the bunch of mess that is in my head out. Or maybe I'm trying to tell myself that I have a perfect excuse for being exactly who I am. Then probably I won't hate myself too much. ha ha ha ha ha!

Stupid song is in my head;

Vanessa Hudgens - Say OK


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