Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Damn headache.

Too much sleep.. damn sleep. To think that I only had.. 8 hours of sleep collectively. shit. I'm always better off being insomniac that hypersomniac.

I'm losing sight of things.. blah.

I'd rather not think too much about that right now.
So it's Tuesday.. and July. I should start looking for a job and there is no other thought than depressive ones that fills my head.
So in an attempt to make fun of myself and lighten up my own mood, I'm going to amuse myself by running through the things that I want/don't want in a job. (ha!)

That actually makes me slightly more depressive by the way but lets pretend that I'm normal.
I've figured out one thing that I want at least. I want.. to see people. (Talking to them is optional. hahahaha!) I could get a job for that call centre thingies. I mean, I don't speak bad-English. I could have gotten that job, make decent money. Well, I did get that job but I panicked at the thought of working (stuck) in a windowless room answering phones. FYI, I hate talking on the phone -- an exception with the loved ones (of course Sylly..)

I'm going to spare you from my "I wish I'd choose money over job-satisfaction" speech 'cause that would definitely make me depressed.

shit. This is a bad day and there is no reason to it other than it being an effing bad day! Not to mention my slight envy (ha!) towards somebody I've never met! ha-ha-ha
My Moleskine is filling up nicely these days..
I honestly don't know why I'm blogging this, I swear. My thoughts are effed up for no reason again. (Told ya' I'm cursing more and more..)


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