Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hello sombre..

meh.. screw hiatus.
The word is a jinx, I swear.. I was never able to actually be on a hiatus every single time I said that I was taking one.

Is it just me or the video version of Usher's Moving Mountains sounds a little more.. heartbroken, than the album version?

Usher - Moving Mountains (video version)

Knowing me, you should know which version I'd prefer, right?
I can be so predictable sometimes..

Quiet night.
I am always bothered on quiet nights. The silence has always intensified my most depressing thoughts and tonight, it's about the things that I am lacking.
blah. It's irritating to be so aware of yourself and the surroundings that you notice what's missing. Of course I am aware of what I have, and I am thankful for those.. but, there is always a "but".

In an attempt to dull my thoughts, I'd done something as mundane as sorting out my bookmarks! Of course it proved to be useless as I am writing an entry about this quiet night.
Maybe I should blame my playlist.. I mean, Mirror Mirror, My Immortal, If You Only Knew, and Stranger By The Day hardly sounds upbeat.

I remembered something earlier today.. about how fast I ran out of post-it notes during my time in uni. Leaving short messages to my friends before going home for the weekends.. the one I really remembered was the one Bahijah had left me while I was asleep. She'd stuck it on my computer screen.. it was nice, but a little sad.
I never liked people leaving when I can't see them actually leaving. bah..
I don't know why I'm thinking about this. Little notes?

I'm hating this stupid conversation that I have with myself right now.
But most of all I am hating the fact that I keep waking up in the middle of the night just being and feeling restless. What a waste of time and effort in going to bed in the first place. blah.
I'm not really angry.. just.. tired. Extremely. Exhausted.

This isn't exactly the day to be sombre.. maybe I should go out and do something (stupid, perhaps? ha!) later in the day.


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