Wednesday, July 30, 2008


[me] what should I write..
[him] blog?
[me] mm hmm
[him] write about you smashing your computer?

yah, so I'm using my old stupid computer (wooot!) and it blows.
but anyway.. I shouldn't complain much since at least.. it's usable. So.. I'm thankful. For now. I hope it'll live long..
One thing about my computer though.. as unreliable as it is.. it always keeps the relationship alive by surprising me constantly... you know.. Up and running one minute, hang and reboots itself the next.. dies one second, refuses getting reformatted even, then voila like magic it decides that it won't mind getting reformattted after all. ha ha haaa!

[commercial break..]
Hunny.. you suck! yayy!
You really suck, then.
Shut up.

Norah Jones - What Am I To You


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