Saturday, July 05, 2008

A little troubled.

I forgot why.
I forgot a whole lot of things lately. Like what I'd wrote in my book last night.
I hate to think that my mind is trying to block something (since I can't think of anything that I'd rather block at the moment, so if it's just blocking my memory in random.. I find it disturbing.)
Anyway, I just forgot why I am feeling troubled but the feeling is just there.. a remnant of something uncomfortable and foul.
And to top it off.. I lost your house..
I know that doesn't make any sense. You don't have to try and make sense of it..

Oh crap, I just wasted 30cents trying to send an email from my phone to Blogger. I really ought to remember this little things. (There were 2 messages in my Outbox for Blogger; so it seems that I've tried that before.. and was unsuccessful. haha!)

Talk about being unsuccessful, I'd spent the last hour trying to figure out how to convert a particular segment of XML into HTML and blah.. I suppose it wasn't possible since I needed more info on the tags.. I'd wanted to say that it was a waste of my mind-space but then again it had helped me killed some time..
And I know.. talks about XML.. CSS.. HTML.. pshh! Even I don't talk about it (not really..) and reading about technical stuff makes my head dizzy (why did you think that I did so bad in school?)

The fact that I know my way around HTML is strictly talent, I figure. hahhaha! Well, it was logic really. So even though I don't like my brain so much most of the time, I must thank the fact that I have a bit of logic in it.
Logically, the XML that I was working on didn't have the tags that I'd needed to replace them into HTML (I actually managed to make sense of those codes..)
Logically, the XML was stupid and I was not. heh.

So, there is this blog.. that I love to read. But everytime I visit it, I'd have to take a deep breath and be prepared. Most times I went in for a read, I will end up feeling jealous about certain things. hahahha!
It's stupid really.. if I always end up getting upset, I should stop looking at it right? But I can't!! I'm addicted. Plus, my friends doesn't update their blogs as frequently as this blogger-dude does!
(And I won't be sharing his url anytime soon for fear that he might hop-blogs and found out that I envy him. hahhaha!)

Okay, obviously I'm rambling on some really unimportant stuff.
The facts are these; I'm diverting my thoughts away from the things that are pressing on currently.. mainly concerning my feelings, but I'd rather not get into that and I can't give shit about the politics SO you'll just have to read my pointless ramblings about pointless stuff.. (although to be honest, there were hardly ever any "points" to my babbles)

Jars Of Clay - Work

It's the breathing..


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