Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh Edward..

I was re-reading New Moon today.
Even when I'd skipped 15 chapters, it was still quite depressing.
Can somebody please remind me next time that I shouldn't read books and/or listen to songs that are depressing when I'm actually depressed?

If I let myself hope, and it came to nothing… that would kill me.
Chapter 23, New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.

I just noticed how that simple line could possibly explain my entire psyche.

Okay, so I'm definitely feeling fine now. Slightly hazy, not quite normal yet.. but I'm getting there. What I am most certain of is that there will be no chance of me driving myself crazy with stupid thoughts that would end up making me cry involuntarily again tonight.
Of that, I'm really sure.

bah.. why does it take so long for me to feel normal again. It's annoying to constantly worry and think about things. Exhausting.
But maybe I should worry and think about things. Why do I get the nagging feeling that some things have changed?
Aaah dammit. It's starting again....

ughh.. and now I shall try to refrain myself from saying things that I would otherwise say to you personally for fear of making myself sound even more stupid than I already have.

In the mood for an awesome Korean composition, anyone?

K. Wil - Kum

I just looked up on the translation to this song and I must say that it made me love it even more.

I should stop now before I really start saying things that I can't take back.
Goodnight, world.


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