Sunday, July 13, 2008

Scared of love.

[him] i got ur letter, and read it
[him] =p

ha - ha
I keep feeling like I should hit myself everytime I send a letter out.
Mostly because I immediately forget about its contents just two days after sending them out.

Oy, mark this!
This is.. the 2000th entry on this blog!!
And in the midst of nothingness, I had managed to forget about my blog's 6th year anniversary last month! Ah well.. this blog is exactly 6 years and one-month old today.

I'm thinking that I should take a hiatus from this blog. I dunno.. really take myself away from blogging as I keep upsetting myself when I write shitty stuff. Really, it's not that I used to even have any substance in my entries but these days.. I really feel like shit writing about stupid things. I feel like I'm a rubbish that takes the space on the floor.

At least when I'm miserable or depressed, I'd have some real thoughts on life or the lack of it. Or when I'm actually happy, I would write about how surprised I was of the feeling. But this.. the feeling that I'm currently feeling..
It's mediocrity and I simply cannot put up with it.

So I'm taking a break..
I'll be writing again when I'm utterly happy or incredibly depressed.
Until then, I'll just fill my Moleskine with all the rubbish that scatters around my brain.

Coheed & Cambria - Wake Up


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