Saturday, August 23, 2008

damn bloody nerves.

I am a nervous wreck.
Dida said that I don't have the right mind.
I think too much. Too hard on myself.
She said if I don't stop criticizing myself, how am I going to raise my self-esteem.
Well, excuse me for being realistic.

I.. am.. just.. so irritated right now.
I want to stop worrying, but I can't. I want to get it over with but I want to be ready.. not hastily end it for the sake of ending it.
Anyway, I'm tired of thinking.. and being annoyed.

My period's late so I'm really irritable. Not that it's a cause for concern (to any of you who are reading this,) but now I'm worrying about WHEN will it finally come. Stupid hormones.. why does it have to be governed by my emotions too. grr.
I bet it'll come when I least expect it just so the universe will have something new to laugh about me.

Maybe there is no reason to worry.. I mean, I don't exactly have anything to lose, do I?
I should settle some things before I head to bed.


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