Saturday, August 02, 2008

It was '92

..and The Moffatts were hot.
Thus, every single time I hear I Miss You Like Crazy somewhere, I can't help but cringe.
I blame Azraai for that. Him and his big mouth.. telling me things about his bestfriend then. hahahha!
Those blasted memories.. why do I have to remember unnecessary things like that.

It's weird.. I never really like taking showers but it's during those times when I think the most. (Maybe THAT's why I don't like taking showers..?)
Taking a shower is so mundane.. my mind is usually on overdrive then, just so I have something else to do.

So sometimes I think about people, but not in any sexual way. (sorry to disappoint. ha!) I suppose that should be weird.

Anyway, this is such a pointless entry.
It's been so hot in Shah Alam these days. sheesh! I miss Rotterdam. Dida was uploading some photos to her Facebook profile last night.. sigh. kapsalon!!


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