Friday, August 22, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen!.. Finally!

hahaha! No, I didn't finally have a drink.
That just happens to be the ad on the coaster. *sigh* And apparently I'm advertising it on my blog for free.. psh! (To be honest, I like Heineken better -- the ads I mean. Plus, they're Dutch! woot!)

Anyway.. after WEEKS of talking about it.. I finally got to eat these..
Triple Play! hahahha! It's not really hard to get it actually.. just.. me and Dida lack the patience, waiting around for a table. Chilli's is always so packed but because we've been there twice before, (but ended up in San Fran because we hated waiting) we decided to wait it out this time around.

wee~ Molten Chocolate Cake!! I was so full when this arrived but heehee.. ♥
Now.. I could say that I can die happy but I'd be lying. hehhe. I have a couple of things I must do first so.. NO DYING for me.. yet. (please.)
Anyway, I'm running out of things to write.

Oh! I had an odd dream early this morning. Kinda bugged me.. a little. If my subconcious is trying to tell me something.. well.. I think I'm worried...? Well, not too worried since the way I reacted in my dream was exactly the way I would react in real life.. just.. gah! Something about it just bugs me.

Okay, never been a fan of Mary J. Blige but I really like this song of hers;

Mary J Blige - Be Without You


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