Saturday, August 02, 2008

Meaningless quotes for ya'

"Tiba tiba jadi bini"

"Bed in breakfast"

"Mana dia dapat duit?"
"Dia rompak bank"
"Dekat dah, ade something dengan bank"
"Dia tido ngan orang bank?"


Everytime we actually got together with the rest of the family.. we always end up sitting with each other; instead of joining our cousins and aunts and uncles.. mingling. That's probably not right.. but I don't think the others could share our little jokes. Well, it'd be wrong to share our jokes with them.

It's nice having sisters whom you can talk to. It's nice knowing that you have someone who will be there for you, share things with you.. and I have two.
If there's anything that my parents had actually done right.. truly right.. it would be how they've brought the three of us up to be this close.
For that I am grateful.

Other than that, I am tired and miserable..


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