Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mysterious bruise..

yea yea I know it's small but it's still a mystery!
I have no idea how I got it and it doesn't exactly hurt.. it just.. curiously sits there. I've rubbed it a bunch of times -- no, it isn't some marker stain or anything like that, so I guess.. it is a bruise.
I swear the things that my body does just boggles my mind sometimes. I'm thinking of that time I had a curious mark on my neck that Dida teased it was a love bite. hahaha!

[him] go shower
[me] nevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
[him] it's overdue
Next time I'll lie and tell you that I had my shower the day before! MUAHAHAHHAA!! (bleh.. but you know I'm not gonna lie...)

hmm.. I'm suddenly thinking of the name my dad used to call me when I was little.
I should ask him tonight. It somehow slipped my mind. bah!

My mind is jumping between thoughts again..

This is a weird song to listen to.. so don't ask me how I came by it;

Erasure - Save Me Darling


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