Monday, August 18, 2008

Super annoying busy body.

Ok sweetums. U have fun k? Miss u always... *muah*
18-Aug-08 12:27

You are so incredibly annoying.
The funny thing was.. while you were gone, Lin asked me "is he always as annoying?" HAHAHHAHA! I swear, that remark kinda made my day.

So Rai called me earlier and asked me to come accompany him in MidValley while his mom and grandma shop. Despite the fact that I went to bed at 6am I honestly couldn't leave him alone. Really, it's these stupid little things that I'm best at; stupid things that made me validate myself as a "friend in need" (since I'm pretty lousy in the other areas). bwahahaha!

I was thinking.. I have a VERY good reason for not getting you anything for your birthday.. Pet, you have free pass to annoy me for the rest of my life! What more do you want??!

Happy belated birthday anyway.. :P


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