Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sorry, Pet :(

Went to watch the first semi-final Super League with Dida last night. Selangor vs. Johor FC. It was pretty boring. haha. Selangor scored at the 18th minute-- then nothing! I was restless for the next 70 minutes and then the second goal at 90+th minute!
I must say that it was a nice ending though.
The celebration went on like we'd won the cup!..weird people.
But nice. heh.

Earlier yesterday, I tried the new burger in McD; Big and Tasty. The name is kinda hilarious. Maybe they ran out of smart names.. I thought it tasted like the Quarter Pounder but less.. spicy somehow. Not that the QP is spicy, but B&T was.. mild, in a way.
Anyway, I liked it. Glad I tried it. I feel bad for not trying the MegaMac when they had it. Not that I'm a fan of BigMac or anything but I told Dida that MegaMac was like.. one of the things you have to do before you die. hahaha! "Conquer MegaMac". gah! Dida reckon that the MegaMac was only around for the EURO Cup. mmph.. I wonder if it'll make another appearance in the future. I shall conquer it!! yosh!

Now talking about food -- I shouldn't be talking about it.
I'm fasting today.. less than 3 hours to go before I can break-fast! woot! Nothing to look forward to, really.. I'm not sure that I'll get to break-fast with any proper food since everyone's so busy lately.
Wish I could have Triple Play and Molten Chocolate Cake before I go to Seremban.. but it seems unlikely. I have to stop hoping before I get depressed now.

Azraai, sorry I refused to go out today. Bad timing dude. Should've told me last night if you'd wanted to go out. No way I'd say yes to an afternoon of watching you eat. grr. And next week I'll be in Seremban.. starting Saturday really.. KIDNAP ME PLEAAAASE!!!!

I still like this song;

Weezer - I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams


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